Can I recover my attorneys’ fees if I win my case?2020-07-17T06:02:26+00:00

Maybe. How is that for a lawyer answer! In most cases, you cannot recover your attorneys’ fees unless there is a contract in place that provides for recovery or in some certain situations. To answer this question regarding your case, contact the Pick Law Office.

How long does a lawsuit take?2020-07-17T06:01:42+00:00

A lawsuit has a number of different phases. There is the pleading phase, discovery phase, motion phase, trial preparation and trial phase. California courts seek to expedite cases. However, a typical lawsuit takes 1 to 2 years. In certain circumstances, a party may ask for a priority setting of trial.

What is a Mandatory Settlement Conference?2020-07-17T06:01:19+00:00

A Mandatory Settlement Conference (referred to as a MSC) is a court mandated settlement conference prior to trial. Most judges will encourage a mediator or set a MSC to facilitate potential settlement of a case.

What is arbitration?2020-07-17T06:00:56+00:00

Arbitration is the process of presenting evidence to one or more arbitrators. The arbitrator or panel of arbitrators issue a decision. An arbitrator is typically an experienced lawyer or retired judge. A decision is like a verdict by a judge or jury in that it explains who “won” the arbitration. Often times, the parties involved in a legal dispute, will agree to submit a matter to arbitration as it can potentially save time and money.

What is mediation?2020-07-17T06:00:35+00:00

Mediation is a formal negotiation between the parties facilitated and led by a mediator. A mediator is usually an experienced lawyer or retired judge. At most mediations, the persons present include the parties involved, insurance representative if applicable, the mediator, and the parties’ attorneys. Because California law encourages resolution of cases, anything disclosed as mediation is privileged. Meaning, anything said at mediation cannot be used as evidence in the case.

How much does a lawsuit cost?2020-07-17T06:00:12+00:00

Lawsuit and litigation are very expensive, time consuming and stressful. Every lawsuit is different. If you retain the Pick Law Office, on the onset, we will provide a detailed budget that focuses on effective and economical ways to deal with your legal problem.

How much does a consult cost?2020-07-17T05:59:50+00:00

The Pick Law Office charges a $150.00 flat consultation fee. This is to make sure we have the resources to provide a comprehensive answer to your legal issue prior to you potentially hiring an attorney. In some circumstances, the consult fee will be waived or credited.